NEUROTECH CUP 2020 инженерная секция

Section 2. «Science and Research Section»

Participants of this section have to present results of own scientific research accomplished by themselves or within a sciencific group of participants.

Proposed research can be based on fundumental research or on applications and should demonstrate novelty and original approach.

Proposed research should be aligned with neurotechnologies and artificial intellegence applicable to following directions:
  • Intelligent robotic systems, drones
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Medical and rehabilitation equipment/technology
  • Education
  • VR/AR in medicine
  • Cognitive technologies

The project report must include the following data:

  • subject of research and research statement
  • used methods and approaches (original contribution by a participant)
  • obtained results description
  • comparison of obtained results with world level, application perspectives
  • list of a team
  • report containing the above items. Volume up to 10 pages A4, font Arial, Line spacing - 1.5, format pdf/doc/docx
  • presentation (up to 8 slides)
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