NEUROTECH CUP 2020 инженерная секция

Section 1. «Engeneering section»

Participants must present engineering works (technical devices, algorithms, software and hardware systems, etc.) performed by the team.

Engineering works must be performed on the topics of neurotechnology and artificial intelligence in relation to the following areas:

  • Intelligent robotic systems, drones
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Medical and rehabilitation equipment/technology
  • Education
  • VR/AR in medicine
  • Cognitive technologies

The project report must include the following data:

  • description of the device principles and novelty of approaches used (original author's contribution)
  • possible applications
  • design limitations
  • competitive advantages in comparison with well-known analogues
  • in addition materials demonstrating the work of the prototype engineering development must be presented (photo and video materials as a link to a folder on the file exchange service)
  • presentation (max 8 slides)
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